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Karungkarni Art and Culture Centre

Karungkarni Art and Culture Centre is owned and operated by the Gurindji artists of Kalkarindji and Daguragu.

The name Karungkarni refers to the Child Dreaming place for Gurindji people; a sacred site imbued with procreative powers. Karungkarni is a very important Dreaming hill located just south of Kalkaringi. Elders named their Art Centre after this Dreaming to remind them of their important responsibility to pass on cultural knowledge to their children.

Some of the senior Gurindji artists are renowned for their courageous participation in the Wave Hill Walk Off in 1966. They form the core of this enterprise, which provides economic and cultural benefits for the artists, families and community. Their artwork is predominantly dot painting on linen and making of traditional artefacts such as kawarla (coolamon) and kurrupartu (boomerang). It is a rich, distinctive and genuine expression of traditional stories of Gurindji people. Karungkarni Art Centre is a lively and friendly place where artists welcome you to visit them as they create their paintings.


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