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Aboriginal culture around Darwin

Discover the wealth and diversity of the region's indigenous culture and hear the ancient Dreamtime stories that will enrich your Top End experience.

Discover the rich and diverse traditions and culture of the region’s indigenous peoples. Through the art and stories of the land’s traditional owners, learn about ancient Dreamtime stories and the strong spiritual connection between the region’s people, land, and wildlife. An introduction to the region’s complex and fascinating indigenous culture and history is vital to any visit to the Top End.


Darwin’s galleries are the perfect place to get acquainted Aboriginal art and artists from around the region. Begin with the Museum and Gallery of the Northern Territory for a fascinating and broad overview of the region’s indigenous art and history before visiting locally owned and run indigenous art galleries, and meeting artists at work. Take a specialised tour of the Tiwi Islands’ art centres and galleries to see the paintings, carvings and ceramics the islands are famous for, and buy artworks directly from the artists.

The land

Learn about the spiritual history of the region’s landscapes and wildlife from its traditional owners. For a different take on the city, take a tour of Darwin with an indigenous guide to learn about the Larrakia people’s Dreamtime story of the frog and the significance of sites and wildlife along the waterfront. Find out about the ancient culture steeped in the stunning scenery of Litchfield National Park, from its traditional owners, the Wangait people. Or, immerse yourself in island culture with a tour of the remote Tiwi Islands. Meet locals, observe traditional dance and hear Dreamtime stories and songs about the creation and first inhabitants of the islands.


Join the crowds celebrating indigenous art and culture at one of the region’s art fairs or festivals. For an unforgettable experience, time your trip with the Milimika Festival on the Tiwi Islands – a festival of art, dance, music and…football.

Aboriginal cultural attractions around Darwin

Aboriginal cultural tours around Darwin