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Palm Valley 4x4 Day Tour

Travel west along the MacDonnell Ranges as the sun touches the tops of the ranges.

Watch in awe as the colours change before you eyes across the ever changing landscape.. From here, travel into through the Hermannsburg Range toward Palm Valley before the crowds arrive. Stopping at vantage points in the oldest water course in the world, the Finke River for photography and a morning tea.. Wander the stunning Cycad Gorge and listen to the early morning birdlife, from here it’s a challenging 4x4 track to Palm Valley. Using caution and safety all the way as you manoeuvre the purpose built 4x4 up rocky creek beds.

You have the choice of a 2km or 5km walk, it’s up to you how you want to spend your time meandering these ancient relict palms.. A homemade lunch in a quiet spot to finish your activities in Palm Valley, then return to Alice Springs.


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