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Long Tour of Australia for a small group (INTL)

This 65 day tour across Australia seeks to enhance the travellers appreciation of this unique land.

A small group tour that in a 21 seat customised 50 seat coach that covers much of West Queensland, central Northern Territory and then western and Southern Australia to Victoria and returning to Sydney..
The scheduled departures are in the dry season, the days are dry and in the low 20's, the nights in the centra and the desert are cold. But it is a reasonable climate for travel with high sunshine hours. Each departure has something, whether the end of the wet season and the desert greens continue or the wildflower season of the Southern coast of Western Australia for example.. Shared stories with you about the Australian wildlife and some of world’s most beautiful dreamtime stories from the indigenous Australian community are enjoyed as you journey through the outback at time immersed in Aboriginal culture. For your client, this small group tour seeks to create a program of learning as you travel. That learning is about the history, the landscapes and biodiversity and then the culture of the place.

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Sunrise over Katherine Gorge


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