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Wet Season Litchfield - Pure Litchfield

For those who want to see the wild side of the Top End, this is for you.
Witness the power of nature as it unleashes tropical storms, swollen creeks and pounding waterfalls.
Appreciate the lush green, ancient landscape providing sanctuary to wild and unique flora and fauna, all the while taking in the rugged beauty which is the Top End.
Get to know the history and hear the stories 1000′s of years in the making whilst learning of present day issues and threats.
​This is a true adventure.
• Exploration of Litchfield National Park
• Waterfalls, walks, photo opportunities
• Home-prepared snacks and refreshments
• Education (history, culture, bush foods & medicines)
• Small friendly group (max.

• Local qualified eco-friendly Australian guide
• Mercedes Benz touring vehicle
• Safe swimming option


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