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Ooroo Australia

Ooroo Australia handbags and accessories are designed and made in Australia, crafted from the finest leather and featuring silk-screen printed textiles ethically sourced from some of the most celebrated and award winning Indigenous artists from the Northern Territory of Australia.

Ooroo Australia works with Indigenous artists and remote community art centres in Northern Australia where we procure the hand silk-screen printed textiles. This ensures ongoing revenue streams direct to the community. Each textile design shares a story about nature, culture and the dreaming that has been passed down through the generations from the Arnhem land, Bathurst Island and the Daly River regions of the Top End of the Northern Territory.

Ooroo Australia collaborates with some of Australia’s finest leather master craftsmen to create unique pieces of wearable art that celebrate the beautiful design and craftsmanship and respect the textile artwork and the dreaming that they represent.

This bespoke collection is designed to be both desirable and functional for those that appreciate high-end style with a point of difference.

I hope you enjoy this collection as much as I have enjoyed creating it.

Ooroo for now

Kendra Harding


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