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Profuse - Exploring Botanical Art Techniques

Join Anastasia Maximova in a Christmas-themed, hands-on two-day workshop exploring various botanical art techniques.

Adventure into the profuse and miraculous world of inflorescences and florets, simple and compound leaves, petals and sepals, stigmas and pistils, drupes, capsules, achenes and more. 

The workshop will include essential basics for beginners and advanced techniques (such as painting white on white) for experienced artists. 

Bring along a specimen plant or leaf that you wish to draw and paint.

High-quality paper, professional paints and brushes as well as other materials will be supplied, and students are encouraged to bring their botanical art journals.

Delicious snacks and brewed coffee and tea will be provided. Please bring lunch and a water bottle.

Anastasia’s workshops sell-out fast, with previous participants returning time and time again. With limited spots available, get in quick to reserve yours.

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