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Geoffrey Robertson QC - It's No Longer Hypothetical - Darwin 9 AUG

International Turmoil • Australian and Global Politics • Royal Family • Stolen History • Bad People And How To Be Rid Of Them.

One of the world’s great minds challenges Australians and New Zealanders, and explains what is happening in and to the world.

This current affair show, live on stage, is a provocative, insightful, and witty evening with international human rights judge and barrister Geoffrey Robertson QC.

Geoffrey Robertson will analyse the current Australian and global politics, explain how fake news distorts democracy, what is really happening to the royal family, and his calls for Australian constitutional regeneration.

He will explain what is happening to Julian Assange, how to stop the rich from inheriting the world, and the thinking behind ‘Bad People – and How to Be Rid of Them.’

The show will give an insight into his life and famous cases and his crusade to restore cultural property from museums around the world to the people from whom it was stolen.

After the sold-out tour in May 2021 was curtailed halfway through, due to Covid-19 outbreaks, Geoffrey Robertson will be back in August 2022 for the postponed Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth shows, adding new shows in Wollongong, Darwin, and Auckland.

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