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加倫水潭 (Gunlom Plunge Pool)

加倫水潭(Gunlom Plunge Pool)位在名列世界遺產的卡卡杜國家公園(Kakadu National Park)的瀑布溪(Waterfall Creek)上,巧妙結合了季節性瀑布與謐靜的水潭池,野餐區還有高大的橡膠樹提供遮蔭。

攀上陡峭的瀑布頂端,可瞭望卡卡杜國家公園(Kakadu National Park)的最南端。 從加倫水潭(Gunlom)的高處則可遠望公園南邊丘陵與山脊的三處棲息地-岩石荒野、林地與河濱(河岸)區。 在潭頂將手腳浸在清澈沁涼的水潭中放鬆。 若您比較偏愛靜態活動,也可以順著平坦的步道來到默立爾水潭(Murrill Billabong)賞鳥,或沿著短程步道前往季節性瀑布下方的主要水池。 您可以自行攜帶午餐,在翠綠有蔭的野餐區享用。 若您是在熱門的露營區過夜(離水池與瀑布不遠),營地上也有太陽能熱水淋浴設施,相當舒適方便。

年滿 16 歲者進入卡卡杜國家公園(Kakadu National Park),每人需繳納 25 澳幣的門票費。

  • 常见问题解答

    Can Gunlom be done as a day trip?

    Gunlom can be done as day trip from Cooinda or Jabiru in Kakadu National Park, and is also a great place to camp. We reccommend staying longer than one day in Kakadu to take in everything that's on offer.


    Do I need any passes or permits to visit Gunlom?

    All visitors to Kakadu National Park require a Park Pass, which can be purchased online or from tourist information centres.

    If you are camping in the campground you are required to pay a fee which will be collected by an on-site campground manager.


    How do I get around Gunlom?

    You'll need a 4WD to visit Gunlom. Once you're there, the lower plunge pool is only 100 metres from the carpark, and there's a steep 15-minute uphill walk to the famous upper plunge pool, nature's very own infinity pool. It's recommended that you wear appropriate walking shoes.


    How do I get to Gunlom?

    If you want to explore the area yourself, driving is a great option. Alternatively you can book a tour from Darwin or Cooinda .

    The road to Gunlom is an unsealed gravel road that can be navigated by 2WD and 4WD. The road is occasionally closed due to weather conditions so we recommend checking the Kakadu Access Report before you set off.

    Driving times to Gunlom from:

    • Darwin - 3.5 hours (325 km)
    • Jabiru - 2 hours (170 km)
    • Cooinda -90 minutes (125 km)
    • Katherine - 2 hours (195 km)


    How far is Gunlom from the nearest main town?

    Gunlom is 2 hours' drive (171.5 kms) from both Jabiru to the north and Katherine to the south.


    What are the major attractions at Gunlom?

    The highlight (and the image that appears on so many postcards) is Gunlom plunge pool, nature's very own infinity pool, which provides unparalleled views of the rugged woodlands of Kakadu National Park. The crystal clear waters at the base of the falls is an easy stroll from the car park and campground and not to be missed.

    Gunlom also boasts a well appointed campground and picnic area with bbqs, toilets and showers (fees apply to camp in the area).


    What should I bring with me to Gunlom?

    Make sure you bring drinking water, swimwear, a hat, first aid kit, sunscreen and sturdy walking shoes for the walk up to the infinity pool.


    When is the best time to visit Gunlom?

    The best time to visit Gunlom Plunge Pool is between May and October when the weather is warm and dry. Access to the site is often closed in the wet season due to flooding. We recommend checking the Kakadu Access Report before setting off.


    Where should I go next from Gunlom?

    Continue on your Kakadu National Park adventure and see some of the favourite sites. Highlights include Cooinda, Yellow Water Billabong, Maguk, Nourlangie and Ubirr.

    Or, you can drive south for 3 hours to visit Nitmiluk Gorge and Nitmiluk National Park.




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