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Polly Johnstone - STRONG

Polly Johnstone's exhibition STRONG explores themes of what it means to be a strong woman in contemporary society.

Johnstone's paintings depict colourful abstract expressionistic backgrounds, juxtaposed with bold black and white images of women, capturing some of the complexities of womanhood. STRONG will feature new and past works.

Polly Johnstone is a Darwin-based arts educator and practising visual artist. From a young age, she has had a passion to create, starting her first art classes when she was just four. Her artistic journey is influenced and inspired by what she comes into contact with each day. This may be something seen during normal daily activities, an old master’s work or an image on Instagram or Pinterest – if it speaks to Polly she feels a deep need to recreate what she has seen and to put her own spin on it. As a result, her work is constantly changing and evolving, whether it be the subject matter itself or the medium.