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Black Comedy

Alice Springs Darwin Katherine Ulu r u Kings Canyon

"I’ve got a foreboding.

It’s all going to be a disaster."

With the impending arrival of the world’s richest man to judge artist Brindsley Miller’s work, the young sculptor and his fiancée ‘borrow’ some antiques from their out-of-town neighbour to impress him.

Just as they get everything in order, a blackout hits the building. Poor Brindsley now has to navigate not only the potential benefactor, but an apathetic Electrics Company, his fiancee’s bitter father, a tee-totalling spinster, the early return of his antique-loving neighbour and the unannounced arrival of his very mischievous ex.

What could go wrong?
Darwin Theatre Co presents Black Comedy, directed by tony rive and co-hosted by Browns Mart Theatre from November 14 to 18.

An Amateur Production By Arrangement with ORiGiNTM Theatrical, on behalf of Samuel French Ltd.