Printing at Bábbarra
Magpie Geese design
Bábbarra fabrics

Bábbarra Womens Centre

Bábbarra Designs is a textile studio specialising in the production of hand-printed fabric design.

One of only a few Indigenous textile-producing art centres in Australia that design, print and sew product onsite, in community.

Bábbarra Womens Centre operate an op shop and a community laundromat, and support women’s centres on remote homeland outstations in the region.

Bábbarra Womens Centre are governed by women for women, led by the strong voices of the Bábbarra Women’s Board. In this space, the women are in charge. Bábbarra Womens Centre are part of Bawinanga Aboriginal Corporation, which was set up by Maningrida community leaders in 1974 to support people to live on their homelands.

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