Guide and guests standing talking outside historic Browns Mart building
Gun post, Darwin Harbour Defences
Lyons Cottage which was occupied by the US Army during WWII

WWII Reflections Walk


19 February, 1942. World War II reached mainland Australia and the northern city of Darwin was bombed.

In the current day multicultural city of Darwin, there are still many reminders of WWII and on this 2-hour walk through the historic quarter of the city, your knowledgeable guide will take you back to that era. Hear stories of that fateful day as you meander past historic buildings of the time that have been re-built to provide lasting memories of life in the north during the War.

No WWII tour of Darwin would be complete without a visit into Parliament House, a lasting memorial to the Post Office and staff whose lives were lost in the very first of 77 bombing raids on the town.

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