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Tropical Light: "Unplugged" Twilight Tour

This 45-minute cruise is for those with a love of the extraordinary.

Board your vessel 15 minutes before sunset to catch the last rays of the setting, tropical summer sun. Expect dark, moody, orange, or yellow illuminated rays in the sky. And then, as twilight awakens, witness the colours stretch across the sky and intensify; a quintessential Darwin experience enjoyed through a unique perspective.

Journey to the back of the harbour to a thriving landscape of trees in the sea, where birds find sanctuary at the end of the day, and where natures embrace has a backdrop of Darwin city, reflecting twilight’s mood.

Returning to Kitchener Bay, we swap nature’s light for the conventional variety where you will be greeted with ‘plugged light’ and the stunning view of Bruce Munro’s Tropical Light sculpture ‘Water Towers’ at the Darwin Seawall, where stacked recyclable water bottles are illuminated by optical fibre, like enormous liquid batteries of light.

Disembark at Stokes Hill Wharf in perfect proximity to walk through the Sea Wall exhibit and into the Darwin Waterfront precinct to stroll through the 3 additional art installations, inspired by nature and the seasons of the Top End.

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