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Tiwi Islands Football League Grand Final and Art Sale 2022

AFL is more than just a game to Tiwi people, it is a lived passion and celebration of culture.

See silky smooth skills and a fast flowing action in the final game of the Tiwi Islands Football League's season.

There's more to Tiwi people than their sensational football. Tiwi art is recognised and celebrated all around the world and on grand final day all four art centres come Wurrumiyanga to sell their artwork.

The Art Sale begins in the morning at the primary school, the art gallery Tiwi Design and the art gallery Ngaruwanajirri. Galleries from Pirlangimpi and Milikapiti bring art over from the Munupi Gallery and Jilamara Gallery.

Purchase some unique art, explore the remote community of Wurrumiyanga and enjoy the passion, colour and excitement of the Tiwi Islands Grand Final.

Wurrurumiyanga is located on the Tiwi Islands, the best way to travel for the event is with a SealinkNT tour package.


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