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Redneck Greenie | Darwin Fringe Festival

Redneck Greenie – Confessions of an Ozymoron takes a candid peek into the real-life journey of farm-boy, mine-worker, tyre-fitter, musician, actor, comedian, activist and Greens candidate for the NT Federal seat of Lingiari: Rob Hoad.

Blending cabaret, stand-up comedy, impro and storytelling, this one-man show seamlessly jumps between four characters.

The show explores two common Australian social viewpoints which appear to be diametrically opposed. We see that they are, in fact, facets of the one bloke as he navigates his personal inner conflict, often in ridiculously funny ways. We see him narrowly escape violent encounters, imprisonment, certain disaster, death and the curse of a mediocre life in a small town. Adventure, conflict and intrigue are explored through theatrical recounting of real events from the central character’s life. This is a true story. Several stories, in fact.

Each show is different as the audience help steer the plot toward a ‘happily ever after’ or a potentially disastrous ending. Beware the unexpected twist!

Redneck Greenie – Confessions of an Ozymoron. Theatre as Confessional, audience as priest, actor/musician/politician Rob Hoad as sinner. He’s done all the dumb things!


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