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Fridge the Play: A Reading | Darwin Fringe Festival

Fridge the Play: A Reading was inspired by an impromptu performance in 2011 at Darwin's iconic Fridge Festival.

Ten years later, this play reading follows the lives of kitchen electrical appliances as they navigate the trials of tribulations of domestic life within a household in Darwin.

Our hero, Katie the Fridge, undertakes the quest of finding Clem, who is Joe the Beer Fridge's long lost daughter. Is she at the Tip? Or did she make it to the Tip Shop? See how Steve the Stove, Mac the Microwave and Kitty the Kettle all band together to reunite Clem and Joe.

More than just a play about electrical appliances, Fridge the Play: A Reading takes a closer look at who we have become as a society, what our connections and interconnections mean to us and how technology has played a part in compromising our humanity.

Audiences will laugh, cry, be shocked and surprised at the adventurous lives of the appliances in Fridge the Play: A Reading.


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