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Mountain Biking & Cycling around Alice Springs

The rolling hills surrounding Alice Springs give lucky locals a massive playground of open hills and sublime singletrack and they want to share it with you!

This landscape and environment can be testing and demands respect. There are times of the year that midday rides are off the menu, so be like the locals and sneak in singletrack at either end of the day when it’s a little cooler. Then there is Winter. It is like the Winter you know but totally different. Winter in Alice means clear blue skies, perfect riding temperatures and virtually no rain. It is the kind of weather you can plan a week’s holiday and know you’ll likely be able to ride your bikes all day every day.

With an expanding network of trails in all directions, you’ll have your work cut out for you. You can hire a good Mountain bike from Outback Cycling in the Todd Mall, and the crew here will offer sound local advice to get you started. If you look at what the locals are riding, those in the know ride bikes with tubeless tyres with lots of sealant. A mid-level tread tyre with good sidewall protection gives you a good balance of easy rolling, traction and protection from the rocks. A modern full suspension cross country/trail bike is perfect for these trails, and while a dropper seat post is always nice, it isn’t really needed unless you are tackling some of the more advanced trails in the networks. In the warmer weather, carry more water than you would normally ride with.

Telegraph Station

The Telegraph Station makes a great starting point with café, water, toilets and a car park. With one easy trail and three intermediate trails this is a good place to feel your way around without too many intersections to confuse you. If you’re riding from town, the sealed shared use “Riverside Walk” from Schwartz Crescent along the river to the Telegraph Station is a great warm up ride.

Alice Springs MTB Trails

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Eastside Trails

To the East of the Telegraph Station there is a complex network of trails built by the locals. There is something out here for the intermediate rider to the advanced and the network rewards those who spend the time to discover all of its treasures. These trails have some of the most technical structures in the area to drop, roll, jump or fall off of.

Westside Trails

The Westside trails have changed, man! Yes, the East Side Trails are only 8 minutes away, but like we said before, Alice Springs is spoilt for choice. Similar to East Side and unlike the Telegraph Station with its café, water, toilets, and historical buildings, the West Side trails are stripped back to be nothing but pure mountain bike trails. They now host a more diverse trail experience with some of the top technical trails rivalling the best the Red Centre has to offer. Which is the best, East or West? The debate continues!

Hell Line

Well it does feel a bit like false advertising, but this isolated trail gained a nasty reputation smashing against the contours following a fence line northwest of Alice Springs. The trail has been realigned, sensibly working with the terrain rather than fighting it. The results are an epic ride, that once out on the trail, gives you nothing but singletrack for kilometre after glorious kilometre. A great trail for experienced riders who’ve warmed up on the other trails over the previous days, have their gear sorted and want the next challenge.


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