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The Wave Hill Walk-off Track

The 16-km-long Wave Hill Walk-off Track is one of Australia's most important sites in modern Indigenous history.

This walking track is known as the route taken by Vincent Lingiari and the Gurindji people when they walked off the job on the Wave Hill cattle station in protest against poor treatment by the owner, Lord Vestey. What began as a stand for better wages and conditions, grew into a nationwide movement that ultimately sparked the Aboriginal Land Rights movement. After nine long years, the Gurindji were given back their land, symbolised by Prime Minister Gough Whitlam pouring a handful of earth into Lingiari's hand.

Today, the Wave Hill Walk-off Track is a National Heritage Listed site. Visitors can retrace the footsteps of the brave men and women who stood up to power and privilege over 50 years ago.

The track can be very exposed and hot. Sufficient water, supplies and sun protection for a 16KM hike is vital.

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