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baby croc
Boat Cruise


ダーウィンの中心業務地区からわずか 15 分のクロコダイルス パーク & 動物園では、市内でノーザンテリトリーのアウトバックを満喫できます。

地球上で最大の爬虫類と対面するのに最適な場所です。この公園には、孵化したばかりのワニから大きな成体まで、1,000 匹以上のワニが生息しています。

ワニの研究と保護における 30 年の経験に基づいて構築されたこの博物館は、ノーザンテリトリーを訪れる際には必見です。オーストラリアの世界的に有名な動物学者の一人であるグラハム・ウェッブ教授は、1994 年にクロコダイルス パークをオープンしました。当初はワニの研究と教育センターとしてスタートしましたが、現在は大型ネコ科動物や鳥類などのエキゾチックな動物や在来動物が生息するノーザンテリトリーで唯一の動物園にまで拡大しました。 、霊長類、その他の爬虫類と博物館。

ワニへの餌やりツアーが毎日開催されており、大きなワニに餌をあげたり、赤ちゃんワニを抱いたりするチャンスがあります。最もユニークなのは、究極のノーザンテリトリーのエコ体験を提供する毎日のガイド付きボート クルーズで、自分たちの川に生息する野生のワニを見ることができます。

クロコダイラス パーク & 動物園へは、バスまたはタクシーで簡単にアクセスできます。キャラバンやバス用の駐車場もあります。


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Animal Encounters

Visitors to Crocodylus Park now have a special opportunity to come up close and personal with our most special animals in an animal encounter.

You can book a meet and greet with:

Meerkats: 15 minutes hand-feeding encounter where you can personally feed and play with our dynamic meerkat family.
Minimum age 6 years | max 4 people

Monkeys: 15 minutes hand-feeding encounter where you can personally feed and play with our vibrant monkey family.
Minimum age 12 years | max 2 people.

Big Cats: a roaring and exciting feeding experience with the (white) lions or tigers. The best opportunity to get that close to a big cat!
Minimum age 16 years | max 2 people |

Tortoises: lots of cuddles and cuteness that makes everyone's heart melt.
Minimum age 4 years old | max 4 people |

Photographs are taken by your guide on request and provided to you on a crocodile USB.

Croc Boat Cruise

Crocodylus Park recently introduced their Croc Boat Cruise to Darwin, which allows you to see large saltwater crocodiles in a natural setting. Only 15 minutes from Darwin's CBD and 5 min from the airport, this is a great opportunity to enjoy a crocodile cruise in the city.

The tour guarantees you to come up close and personal with large wild saltwater crocodiles. The guide tell you about the 40 + crocodiles the park houses in the river, and great stories on the river's eco system and the different uses and meanings of plants in the aboriginal culture.

Croc Feeding Tour

The spectacular guided croc feeding tours at Crocodylus Park & Zoo are for those who are looking for a full NT outback experience close to the city.

The croc feeding tours are included in the park's admission fee and gives you the opportunity to witness the famous jumping crocs in the attack lagoon, and most of all, feed one of the big guys yourself!

After every croc feeding tour you are given the chance to hold a baby crocodile and make photos for free. An ultimate experience you will never forget!

During the tour our passionate guide tells you all about the crocodiles, their natural behaviour and can answer all your questions.

Dingo Walk

Pet our dingos when we walk them around the park! A great opportunity to come face to face with these wild but oh so loving animals.

You’ll have the opportunity to touch and play with them, and of course, take photos for free.

The Dingo Walk is part of the admission fee.

You can also book an one-on-one Dingo Experience with us – call us for more information.

Reptile handling

Scary but intriguing! Isn't that what reptiles are all about? Hold a Snake, Blue Tongue lizard or Iguana with our reptile handling. A great opportunity to feel the grace and strengths of reptiles in a safe environment.

We run our reptile handling daily at Crocodylus Park. It is part of the admission fee and of course we give you plenty of time to take sizzling photo's for free.

You can also book a face to face meeting with our Anaconda!
Call for more information.




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