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Alice Springs Air Charter

We offer a range of scenic flights around Alice Springs, Ayers Rock, Kings Canyon, MacDonnell Ranges, surrounding deserts and stations to choose from, for some stunning scenery and in-flight opportunities for this one in a lifetime photo.

We cater for individuals and groups of any size, so as you, your family and friends can all experience the Alice Springs region and the Outback from a new perspective.

Whether you are seeking a short scenic flight or a fun-filled half-day or full-day safari, we have a great range of options for a truly unforgettable experience.

  • ツアー

    3 Gaps Scenic Flight

    30-minute scenic flight
    From $115 per person**

    Lake Eyre and Desert Experience Scenic Flight

    g. to include Coober Pedy, Birdsville, Old Andado and Simpson Desert, etc. )

    Majestic Uluru Scenic Flight

    3. 5 to 4-hour scenic flight*

    Half-day safari, or an afternoon flight to catch the famous colour changes and evening shadows, a perfect opportunity to catch that once in a lifetime photograph… just stunning.
    From $849 per person**

    *contact us for any specific requirements you may have - we can accommodate for different routes (e. g. to include Henbury Craters, Mt Connor, Gosses Bluff Crater, etc. )

    West MacDonnell Ranges Scenic Flight

    1. 5 to 2-hour scenic flight
    From $399 per person**

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