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Tiwi Tours è specializzato in esclusivi tour culturali aborigeni sull'isola di Bathurst, 80 chilometri a nord di Darwin.

Tiwi Tours offre ai viaggiatori l'opportunità unica di esplorare una moderna comunità aborigena, dove puoi conoscere l'arte, il bush tucker e la storia e la cultura del popolo Tiwi.

Tiwi Tours ha vinto un Brolga Award nel 2007 e nel 2008 per il turismo indigeno, inoltre il Tiwi Island Tour è stato votato nella campagna "Le 100 migliori cose da fare prima di morire".

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    Tiwi Islands Aboriginal Cultural Tour

    This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit a modern-day Aboriginal community. It will provide you with an insight into the Tiwi people’s rich culture and lifestyle. The tour will reveal scenes seldom seen by many outsiders and will leave you with a lifetime memory. Many cities are blessed with island destinations close by, but only Darwin has the Tiwi Islands.

    You will visit the museum to view traditional art and depictions of Tiwi Dreamtime stories. Following this you can spend time with some Tiwi ladies, enjoying billy tea and damper as they work on their weaving and painting. The ladies will demonstrate traditional totem dances and perform a smoking ceremony to bless the visitors.

    Later you will set out for a scenic drive, and learn about traditional bush tucker, bush medicines and natural fibres and dyes, before departing on your return ferry to Darwin.

    Base tour price includes return ferry transport to Bathurst Island.

    Prices above may vary according to your departure date.

    Please quote tour code TFER when booking.

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