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Kakadu Run Off Barra Fishing

The Run Off is one of the best times of the year to get into some serious Barramundi Fishing.

Occurring at the end of the wet season when the floodplains are draining into the big rivers, Barramundi congregate at these Run Off locations for an easy feed. This congregation of Barra makes it easier than other times of the year to find the fish, this also offers one of the better opportunities to tangle with a trophy Barramundi over the magic metre mark.. Limited licenses are issued to operate sports fishing tours in heritage listed Kakadu National park and we have met the stringent guidelines set down to be one of the few guides able to operate within the park. These licenses limit pressure on the River and help to ensure a great fishery for years to come.. When fishing Kakadu we concentrate on the Sth Alligator River which is only 5 minutes from your accommodation at the Aurora Kakadu Resort. On the neap tides a trip to the mouth of the river is also possible to target Black Jew Fish &; Golden Snapper.