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Experts on Everything

Enjoy a 3-course dinner and interactive show as the 'Experts on Everything' entertain you with their comical banter and theatre performance.

Come prepared for an evening of fun and frivolity at Oaks Darwin Elan Hotel as the 'Experts on Everything' entertain and delight you during dinner! You may even be asked a few curly questions or perhaps to play a part!
Rebecca and Jon Bode – our two self-proclaimed experts – turn musical theatre upside down and opera is covered in comedy! A feat that can only be accomplished by…well…'Experts on Everything'! An interactive show without ANY boring bits.
Remember – “Life is like a box of chocolates…You never know what you’re gonna to get!” Expect the unexpected. The Phantom of the Opera, Pavarroti, Leonard Cohen and all shows and genres in between!
A fabulous journey from the old to the new – a show for anyone and everyone.
A show for anyone who is an expert on everything (and nothing)


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