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Marche Darwin Pty Ltd

Bienvenue à Walk Darwin ; une entreprise familiale locale spécialisée dans les visites guidées à pied en petit groupe de la ville de Darwin et des jardins botaniques George Brown Darwin.

Vos hôtes, Nerida et John Hart, ainsi qu'une équipe passionnée de guides locaux, vous invitent à découvrir un avant-goût de ce qui fait vibrer Darwin, en visitant des lieux emblématiques et des histoires régalantes du passé frontalier de Darwin. Ils offrent aux visiteurs une perspective locale de la vie à Darwin aujourd'hui et de ce qui fait des Territorians in the Top End une race unique.

Avec son design urbain pratique, Darwin est l'une des meilleures villes d'Australie à explorer à pied. Ils se promènent toute l'année dans la ville animée à travers toutes les saisons, s'adaptant aux besoins de nos hôtes pendant l'été tropical lorsque le rythme de la vie ralentit et que le drame énergique de l'environnement naturel annonce un changement merveilleux.

La marche et le confort sont ce qu'ils sont. Un changement de rythme, un arrêt à l'ombre ou un coup de main en cas de besoin, fait toute la différence pour les clients et ils n'aiment rien de mieux que de passer du temps avec des voyageurs heureux.

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  • Tours

    Darwin Heritage Walk

    Explore the city of Darwin with your local guide on this 2-hour walking tour and hear of the history and present-day happenings. From the destruction caused by the WWII bombings and Cyclone Tracy, Darwin has risen and you'll discover many of the remaining buildings, some of which have been painstakingly reconstructed.

    See the Old Police Station and Courthouse, Brown's Mart and the Old Palmerston Town Hall ruins, and enjoy manicured tropical gardens as your route meanders through city streets and across the paths of pioneers.

    There are many hidden treasures to see on foot when you explore with a local.

    Ship to Shore

    The Ship to Shore walking tour is perfect for cruise ship passengers seeking a short shore excursion. This 2-hour walking tour will uncover the hidden treasures of Darwin city, to then allow further exploration at your leisure.

    The relaxed walk starts at the Cruise Ship Terminal and departure time is dependent on the scheduled arrival time of each ship.

    Hear of WWII bombings and Cyclone Tracy and discover many of the remaining buildings such as the old Court House and Police Station, Browns Mart and the Old Palmerston Town Hall ruins, all of which have been painstakingly reconstructed. Pass by Government House, Parliament House and the Supreme Court on your journey through the streets of this modern tropical city. Along the way, your guide will share their passion for the town they call home.

    Your tour will conclude at the Visitor Information Centre where shuttle buses depart regularly for the journey back to your ship, or you can walk back along the Smith Street pathway.

    WWII Reflections Walk

    Thursday. 19 February, 1942. World War II reached mainland Australia and the northern city of Darwin was bombed.

    In the current day multicultural city of Darwin, there are still many reminders of WWII and on this 2-hour walk through the historic quarter of the city, your knowledgeable guide will take you back to that era. Hear stories of that fateful day as you meander past historic buildings of the time that have been re-built to provide lasting memories of life in the north during the War.

    No WWII tour of Darwin would be complete without a visit into Parliament House, a lasting memorial to the Post Office and staff whose lives were lost in the very first of 77 bombing raids on the town.

    Meet the Plants Walk

    Be inspired by nature as you take a 1-hour walk through George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens and 'Meet the Plants'.

    Your guide will introduce you to some of the significant trees and tropical plantings within the Gardens, as you walk between the different environments. From ancient cycads to colourful crotons, hidden garden rooms to the rock covered Madagascar Garden, and lush, historic Heritage Lawn, the diversity has to be seen to be believed.

    Along the way there may be a chance sighting of birds and seasonal flowers. Remember to bring your camera!

    Walk the Botanic Gardens

    Walk the Botanic Gardens provides a comprehensive introduction to the 42 hectares of George Brown Darwin Botanical Gardens.

    Guided by a Darwin local, you will walk along the same paths as many others have walked for over 130 years, and hear stories of the history and heritage and the revival of the Gardens after cyclones and WWII bombings.

    See legacies left by prominent Curators, including significant trees and heritage features. Along the way you'll be introduced to many tropical plants that grow in these parkland gardens, each with their own interesting story. Keep an eye out for colourful birdlife, stunning flowers and majestic trees.

    This guided walk is for those looking to truly experience Darwin's botanic garden.

    An Hour at the Museum

    Make the most of your visit to the Museum and Art Gallery of the NT in Darwin with a 1-hour guided overview of the galleries. You'll leave with greater connection to this beloved local institution that is a highlight of everyone's visit to Darwin.

    Discover the galleries and stories hidden within the exhibits and artefacts as your guide leads you through each of the open galleries, pointing out some highlights you might like to revisit and explore in greater depth.

    There are two times to choose from on each day we operate.

    Walk Darwin is mindful that the Museum is a public space and so as to provide you with the best possible experience we recommend using an app to connect with your guide's spoken commentary. This will also allow you to more freedom to explore each gallery in an hygienic and socially distanced way. So bring your smartphone or wifi compatible tablet and earbuds/headphones to hear your guide. You do not need data to participate on the day as you'll connect to Walk Darwin's free wifi network. Then it's just pop your phone in your pocket and enjoy discovering!

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