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SEIT Outback Australia small group tours at Uluru and beyond
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DEPUIS Outback Australie

SEIT Outback Australia est un spécialiste des tournées en petit groupe proposant des tournées passionnantes, aventureuses, exclusives et spécialisées, emblématiques, pionnières et culturelles dans le centre rouge de l'Australie.

Cette agence de voyages innovante se concentre sur la fourniture à ses clients des expériences touristiques d'interprétation ultimes d'Alice Springs à Uluru / Ayers Rock, avec une gamme de produits et des itinéraires touristiques personnalisés pour de petits groupes (maximum 11 personnes) et des charters privés sur mesure. La flotte actuelle de bus Mercedes Benz Sprinter 11 places et de véhicules de luxe Toyota Fortuner 4WD garantit aux clients un voyage dans le plus grand confort.

De nombreuses options de visites sont exclusives à SEIT Outback Australia, telles que l'aventure en 4x4 jusqu'au mont Conner et les expériences culturelles indigènes authentiques à Cave Hill sur les terres APY en Australie-Méridionale et à Patji, les terres traditionnelles de la famille Uluru au sud d'Uluru. Ces visites offrent aux visiteurs l'occasion de s'immerger véritablement dans notre arrière-pays et de découvrir le lien inextricable entre la terre, la culture et la faune que l'on trouve ici.

Tous les guides SEIT Outback Australia sont accrédités, hautement qualifiés et passionnés par la culture, l'histoire et l'environnement. Alors venez et SEIT Outback Australia avec nous... et vivez la visite d'une vie.

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    Cave Hill Day Tour

    Travel deep into the remote and rarely visited Pitjantjatjara Aboriginal Lands of Central Australia for an unparalleled cultural experience. Anangu hosts will guide you to the magnificent cave paintings of the Seven Sisters creation story, graphically illustrated on the rock walls of the most significant art site in the centre. Learn about Tjukurpa (dreaming) and the Songlines relevant to Anangu life in the desert.

    This tour departs daily all year round with a minimum of four adults.

    Indicative rate includes - entry into Aboriginal lands, a professional guide, an Anangu guide, bottled water, morning tea and a barbecue lunch.

    SEIT Kata Tjuta Domes

    You will travel to Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park to a place where unique flora and fauna thrive, Kata Tjuta / The Olgas. Here your guide will reveal the many attributes of this diverse environment and describe the cultural significance of Kata Tjuta as a sacred Aboriginal men’s ceremonial site.

    Arriving at Walpa Gorge you will walk between the mighty conglomerate domes and hear how these 36 domes that make up Kata Tjuta have evolved over millions of years. Take time to listen to the wind (Walpa) far above and view the scale of the rock walls that surround you.

    The spirituality of this amazing location embraces everyone who ventures here. Your guide will return you to your hotel in time for those booked in for the Sounds of Silence dinner.

    Tour duration is 3 hours and minimum numbers apply.

    Mt Conner 4WD Outback Adventure

    Get away from the crowds on a quintessential Aussie four-wheel drive outback experience to Mt Conner, the third icon of the Red Centre, situated on a vast, fully operational, privately-owned cattle station, 85 kilometres from Uluru / Ayers Rock.

    The perfect natural habitat for red kangaroos and a vast array of birds and reptiles, here you will investigate an ancient inland salt lake and learn about the pastoral history of the region. Be mesmerised by the spectacular changing colours of sunset over Mt Conner. Enjoy a three-course dinner at Curtin Springs Station prepared by the station cook, before returning to your hotel.

    Please note minimum numbers apply.

    SEIT Uluru Trek

    As you start your sunrise trek around the 12 kilometre base trail of Uluru / Ayers Rock you will embrace the culture, geology and environment that is the essence of this amazing monolith. Your guide will tell the cultural stories (Tjukurpa) of Liru (venomous snake) and Kuniya (woma python), as well as many other Aboriginal creation stories associated with this Central Australian icon.

    Along the trail you will witness a sunrise, visit waterholes and the rock art sites of the ancients and learn of Uluru’s cultural significance to the Anangu (local Aboriginal) people.

    Please note minimum numbers are required.

    SEIT Uluru

    Embrace the culture, geology and environment that is Uluru / Ayers Rock on a small group tour (maximum of 11 people). Meander around the monolith walking into waterholes and art sites with your guide and learn of Uluru’s cultural significance to the Anangu (local Aboriginal) people. Witness a spectacular sunset and absorb the majesty of this powerful place.

    Price includes - a professional guide, a driving tour of the complete base of Uluru, two short guided walks along the base, sparkling wine and light refreshments at sunset, and water to refill all bottles.

    Please note minimum numbers are required.

    Private Charter and Group Touring

    SEIT Outback Australia offers exciting, adventurous, exclusive and specialised iconic, pioneering and / or cultural touring throughout Outback Australia.

    This innovative touring company focuses on Red Centre touring from Alice Springs to Uluru / Ayers Rock with customised itineraries for small groups and charters. SEIT Outback Australia works in joint partnership with a variety of private tour operators, national parks, private land owners and Aboriginal operators.

    SEIT Outback offers you a choice of itineraries to suit all your requirements. You can choose to focus on traditional culture and explore iconic landmarks, on the spirit of the traditional owners, or are you bold enough to wander off the beaten tourist track.

    Contact SEIT Outback Australia's reservations team for further details.

    SEIT Kata Tjuta

    Journey through the desert landscapes of the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park to the mighty rock formations and revel in the early morning serenity of a truly spiritual place as the sunrise colours change on Kata Tjuta / The Olgas. Absorb the views from the best vantage point to see the 36 domes that comprise this spiritual place.

    Travel to a private location for an outback picnic breakfast including freshly brewed coffee and tea.

    Learn about the many attributes of this diverse environment on your guided walk between the mighty conglomerate rock walls into Walpa Gorge and hear how Kata Tjuta has evolved over millions of years.

    Please note minimum numbers apply.

    SEIT Patji - A True Aboriginal Experience

    Accompany the Traditional Uluru Family to their homelands called Patji and spend time learning about the oldest living culture in the world. A unique and exclusive touring experience, Patji is located just outside of Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park south of Uluru.

    Explore this extraordinary environment by 4WD with your Aboriginal guide, stopping along the journey to hear stories such as how Paddy Uluru fought for Aboriginal Lands rights to where Uluru is today. The Uluru family want to share their personal story with you during this authentic cultural experience. Join them under a remote shelter to hear how they survived in this desert environment before tourism started in the region.
    Continue on to a private sand dune to view the great expanse of the desert overlooking Uluru and Kata Tjuta.

    SEIT Uluru Highlights

    As you will travel towards Uluru its vast shape rises from the sand dunes in the early dawn light highlighting its presence in this country. Your guide will take you to a special location to watch the sun rise over this amazing monolith. You will learn the Creation stories of Liru (venomous snake) and Kuniya (woma python) and hear about the Mala people. After breakfast you will visit Mutitjulu Waterhole and then drive around the base of the Uluru before returning to the resort.

    SEIT Valley of the Winds

    Your guide will lead you along the full 7.4km (4.5 miles) hike through the Valley of the Winds. Along the way you will learn about the geology, flora and fauna of the area. Stop and admire the giant geological formation that towers above.

    The hike is a challenging walk with rough uneven terrain. A moderate to high level of fitness is required to complete this tour.

    Tour operates between 1 April-31 October only.

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