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Lirrwi Tourism

Excursions de plusieurs jours sur les terres natales du peuple aborigène Yolŋu, dans la région de la terre d’Arnhem orientale.

Nous proposons des aventures culturelles pour offrir aux visiteurs de la terre d’Arnhem (Territoire du Nord) une toute nouvelle perception du monde.Le peuple Yolŋu de la terre d’Arnhem offre les expériences les plus uniques auxquelles vous puissiez penser. La terre d’Arnhem est un lieu unique et particulier et nous souhaitons que le monde vienne à notre rencontre pour en savoir plus sur notre culture.

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    Bawaka Day Tour

    Join us on a 4WD adventure to Bawaka, 60km south of our community of Yirrkala. Experience traditional spear fishing and crab hunting. Learn about Moiety – Yirratja and Dhuwa (Kinship) and how this connects us to the land and to each other, one big Earth balanced. Hear about our seven seasons and see what the environment is telling us. This intimate and unique experience is available departing from Nhulunbuy or Yirrkala.

    Corporate Cultural Connections

    Cultural Immersion Programs are a perfect way for corporate groups to step outside their regular work day and disconnecting from the office. Participating in the unstructured and less regimented Yolngu daily life allows for the exploration of each individual’s strengths, weaknesses and biases. Participants leave watches and smartphones behind interact with each other without digital distractions.

    Participants stay on a Yolŋu Homeland and become part of a family community and take part in daily activitiess. After a welcome to country, or smoking ceremony, group members learn about Yolŋu kinship, traditional lore and language, both spoken and sign. Over a three day visit, participants will join in activities such as weaving, traditional spear fishing, gathering of bush foods and medicine, dance (Bunggul), storytelling and learning how the Yidaki (didjeridu) is made and played. the Yidaki (didgeridoo) is made and played.

    People who come to Arnhem Land with an open mind and a willingness to learn about Yolŋu culture will leave feeling differently to when they arrive.

    Experiences and length of stay can be tailored to group interests and requirements.

    Crossing Country Cultural Tour

    Not only will you participate in a variety of cultural activities, but you will cross a diversity of incredible landscapes during the tour.

    This tour also provides an opportunity for Yolŋu on remote homelands to share their culture with visitors and provides an economic base for them to be able to remain on country and maintain their culture. The itinerary, developed by Yolŋu for Yolŋu, allows for multiple generations of family members to participate.

    Most importantly, this means that tourism does not dominate the cultural life of homelands because it allows them flexibility for cultural commitments.

    This 5 day - 4 night experience has set departure dates with a maximum group size of 14. Tours require a minimum of 6 participants to operate.

    East Arnhem Land Art Tours

    We’ve put together an itinerary that incorporates a number of renowned Art Centres in the East Arnhem Land region, as well as an introduction to Yolngu culture and a visit to a Homeland.

    Gove Gululu Day Tour

    Welcome to Yolŋu Country, region of Miwatj.
    This land has been passed down to us from generation to generation. We are the traditional owners of the sea and of the inland areas. Come and explore our culture, sit with us, hear our stories, walk with us, share some knowledge. This one day tour of the Gove peninsula, takes participants to a range of secluded and culturally significant coastal and inland locations in the East Arnhem Region. The tour is led by a Yolŋu guide and provides a range of cultural information about the sites and the Yolŋu people's connection to the land and sea.
    Full Day Tour 8am to 4pm, Includes transfers, morning tea, lunch, homeland access fees, permits and a Yolŋu tour guide.

    Woman's Tour - Gay’Wu - The Dilly Bag Tour

    It nurtures, heals and guides their lives. This is why the female visitor experience and connection to Yolŋu people is often so profound. the Gay’wu women’s tour provide female visitors with the opportunity to come together with their Yolŋu sisterhood and learn about their culture, history and country. Equally it is an opportunity to reconnect with every aspect of their own lives – environment, spirituality, and philosophy.

    You will experience many extraordinary things on this tour, and time spent with the Yolŋu women is often described “life-changing”. You will learn about and experience Yolŋu philosophy and kinship, weaving, painting, astrology, healing ceremony, crying ceremony (Nathi), cooking and bush medicine, dancing, gathering oysters or mud crabs and much more. Specific activities will vary according to the season and availability of materials.

    This 5 day - 4 night experience departing Nhulunbuy. This tour requires a minimum of 6 participants to depart.

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