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Litchfield National Park: 1-day tour

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A beautiful wilderness exists just an hour and a half out of Darwin offering plenty of activity for adventurous travellers as well as a relaxing escape for those just wanting to get out of the city.

Litchfield National Park is 1500 square kilometres of waterfalls, stunning landscape and Top End flora and fauna.

We offer a 1-day tour to Litchfield National Park, which gives you an insight into the history of Darwin and it’s surrounds as well as the chance to swim and hang out at some of best waterfalls the park has to offer. You can learn about the endemic flora and fauna with your guide and spot some of the local wildlife that makes Litchfield their home.

We can be very flexible with how we run this tour. We can either take a group of passengers who have booked on separately or, you can book the tour as a family, a group of friends or colleagues. If you are a group and you can't go on any of the current tour dates, get in touch and we can arrange a day to suit you.

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