Playing the Yidaki
Bawaka sunset
Visitors preparing to take part in traditional ceremony

Bawaka Two Night Tour

Experience one of the oldest living cultures in the world as we welcome you into our traditional homeland in one of the most remote and beautiful parts of Australia.

Learn about our ancient traditions and customs as we share our stories, beliefs, ceremonies and culture.

You will be welcomed to Bawaka homeland with a welcome ceremony by the community with traditional buŋgul (dance ceremony) and smoking ceremony.

You will be welcomed into our daily life. Sit with us and learn basket weaving techniques that are interwoven with powerful stories and tradition; gather medicinal plants for traditional healing methods; listen to stories and learn about the language, relationships and ceremonies.

Enjoy the privilege of attending an evening buŋgul (dance ceremony) on the beach, followed by Yolŋu storytelling around the campfire by night under millions of stars shining in the clear tropical sky.

Absorb the tranquillity of Bawaka homeland on this multi day tour and allow yourself to be immersed in a truly unique Yolŋu experience.