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Baklava and Balaclavas | Darwin Fringe Festival

Salaams and welcome to Baklava and Balaclavas, a journey one Egyptian Australian woman takes to find her place in the world.

Our first stop is an international trip to the seaports of Alexandria, Egypt to meet larger than life characters. Through dance, love and food, they highlight what it’s like being masra3ya (Egyptian).

Next up is a direct flight to the concrete jungles of Melbourne where Hanada is stuck between being true to her Egyptian heritage and fitting into her new homeland. But can you be both Egyptian and Australian? Or is it easier to wear a mask just to assimilate?

Finally, we arrive at the bustling markets of Darwin, far away from any family. Here, we learn that just like baklava, we are all made up of layers, each nuttier than the last. And what’s better than baklava?

In natural Egyptian hospitality, Hanada invites you to party with her in a uniquely comical and theatrical experience. If you just had dinner, save room for dessert, because what kind of show would Baklava and Balaclavas be if you didn’t get baklava upon arrival? And don’t worry, as long as you have no symptoms, the balaclava is optional.

Yallah (come on)!