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Tunnel of Terror

The Waterfront is synonymous with good times, water, sunshine and being a beautiful holiday destination, but there have been myths of the terrifying horrors that lurk within the tunnels beneath the city’s edge.

It has have often been whispered but never confirmed. It is believed that within the abandoned WWII Tunnels beneath the city, disturbed individuals have found refuge in the darkness, as blood-curdling screams can be heard from the hidden chambers within the tunnels.

The job of the Waterfront Rangers has been to keep a mindful watch on the tunnels and ensure that the Waterfront guests are protected. Part of their night routine has been to leave food scraps from the restaurants at the tunnels edge to keep them quiet. But the Waterfront Rangers have gone missing. It is believed that they may have been taken by these disturbed individuals and are being held captive in the tunnels. Without our Rangers, this now puts the whole community at risk and the Waterfront is asking for your help.

Can you travel through the tunnels to find the Waterfront Rangers and rescue them from these disturbed individuals? Or will you meet your demise at the hands of the freaks and psychos of the chambers?

We need the bravest of souls to walk through the darkness of these abandoned WWII tunnels.

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