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瓦塔卡国家公园 (国王峡谷)(Watarrka National Park [Kings Canyon])

瓦塔卡国家公园(Watarrka National Park)坐拥国王峡谷(Kings Canyon),另一处不容错过的景区,驱车到达。

站在赤岩崖上,一览脚下棕榈林的风光。国王峡谷(Kings Canyon)距离乌鲁鲁(Uluru)只有三小时车程,风景之壮观无可比拟,其主要特色在于100米高的沙石墙、长满棕榈树的岩石裂缝,还有横跨沙漠的壮美景观。不仅适合一日游,还可以探索步道风光、感受四驱车车道沿线的壮美,体验骆驼之旅,住宿方式从露营到度假村,多样方便。

若您爱好壮观的美景,那么就整装出发,踏上6公里长的国王峡谷边缘步道(Rim Walk)吧,将悬崖断壁,“失落之城”( ‘The Lost City’)和“伊甸园”( the ‘Garden of Eden’)中的风化穹顶尽收眼底。各种体能健康水平的旅游者在这里都能找到合适的选择。




  • 常见问题解答

    Can Kings Canyon be done as a day trip?

    While it's possible to visit the region as a day trip from Yulara or Alice Springs, we recommend staying at least one night so that you can wake up early and complete the Kings Canyon rim walk for breathtaking views.


    Do I need any passes or permits to visit Kings Canyon & Watarrka National Park?

    Entry into Watarrka National Park is free. If you're travelling via the Mereenie loop (4WD only) you'll be travelling on Aboriginal Land Trusts and will need to purchase a permit. Permits cost only $5 and can be purchased at Kings Canyon Resort, Hermannsburg or the Visitor Centre in Alice Springs.


    How do I get around Kings Canyon?

    The two most popular walking trails are the Kings Creek walk,which takes you into the canyon, and the famous Kings Canyon rim walk. You can explore the trails yourself or via a guided tour. The rim walk requires a moderate level of fitness due to the sharp incline. The Kings Creek walk is suitable for all able travellers. Be sure to stick to the designated tracks, both for your safety and to protect the environment. It's also hard to beat seeing the canyon from a helicopter, with regular flights available throughout the day.


    How do I get to Kings Canyon & Watarrka National Park?

    Kings Canyon lies between Alice Springs and Yulara / Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. It's a 3-hour drive (306 km) from Yulara to Kings Canyon. From Alice Springs, you can take the Lasseter Highway (5 hours) or the Mereenie Loop, an unsealed 4WD track which takes around 4 hours depending on the condition of the road. There are also a number of tour operators that can take you to Kings Canyon from Uluru or Alice Springs.


    How far is Kings Canyon from Alice Springs and Uluru?

    Kings Canyon is 5 hours' drive from Alice Springs (474 km) along the sealed Lasseter and Stuart Highways. If you're feeling adventurous, you can take the 4WD-only Mereenie Loop, which takes approximately 4 hours depending on the road conditions (permit required). Kings Canyon is 3 hours' drive (306 km) from Uluru.


    What are the major attractions at Kings Canyon?

    The most popular way to explore Kings Canyon is to hike the 6 km Kings Canyon rim walk. There are a number of shorter walks such as the Kings Creek hike, a 2.6 km trail filled with stunning scenery. Be sure to check out the sunset or sunrise from a high vantage point.


    What should I bring with me to Kings Canyon?

    If you're taking the Mereenie Loop, bring extra fuel, a satellite phone and plenty of water, and be sure to tell someone where you're going. When hiking the Kings Canyon rim walk, bring drinking water, a hat, camera, sturdy walking shoes and sunscreen.


    When is the best time to visit Kings Canyon?

    Kings Canyon is impressive at any time of the year. The most popular time to visit is from May to October when the weather is cooler. The temperature increases from October to April, so if you want to complete the Kings Canyon rim walk, make sure you start the climb in the early hours of the morning, as the track closes from 9am during these months.


    Where should I go next from Kings Canyon?

    If visiting from Uluru, continue on towards Alice Springs. Visit the West MacDonnell Ranges via the Mereenie Loop (you'll need a 4WD) and stop at Hermannsburg and Glen Helen.

    If you've come from Alice, then a visit to Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park is an absolute must!