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Wetland Cruises Two Cruise Package

Situated on the edge of Mary River National Park, this wetland habitat provides an ecologically sustainable environment and is a paradise for birds and crocodiles.

This cruise package is a combination of our 2 hour Sunset Cruise and 1.5 hour Sunrise Cruise. Late afternoon is generally the best time of day to see animals and our 2 hour sunset cruise allows you to view the wildlife during a very active period. Birds are trying to catch their final meals before flying to roost for the evening and crocodiles are on the move ready for a night of hunting. Our 1.5 hour sunrise cruise is ideal for watching the morning activity of the local birdlife. Being our coolest months of the year, the water temperature early in the morning is warmer than the air temperature so most of the crocodiles prefer to be in the water and not out on the bank.