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14 Day End to End Larapinta Tour

Join our 14-day Larapinta Trail tour and experience the magnificence of the Australian Outback up close.

Located in the heart of Central Australia, the Larapinta Trail passes through 223 km of the spectacular central section of the West MacDonnell Ranges, Australia’s 2nd largest mountain range.. Extending west from Alice Springs to Mount Sonder, this ancient landscape offers endless scenery and cultural history that will take your breath away. From epic ridge and mountain top vistas, to hidden gorges and pristine desert waterholes, it’s no wonder Larapinta Trail’s dramatic scenery is world renowned.. Our Larapinta end-to-end tour will appeal to any experienced trekker looking to witness the grander of the Australian Outback. With abundant wildlife and rugged beauty in all directions, you’ll leave with a restored sense of peace and a deeper appreciation of nature.