Easel for painters at Simpsons Gap

Simpsons Gap Sunset

Join us for a watercolour painting workshop at Simpsons Gap at sunset.

This evening adventure takes place just 18kms outside of Alice Springs at Simpsons Gap, a natural wonder that is not to be missed. This unique destination explodes with colour as the sun sets, making it is the perfect spot to paint with watercolours!

In this painting class, you will learn the basics of watercolour painting in a series of exercises designed to help you to loosen up and have fun. Fun facts about the flora and fauna will deepen the meaning of the series of paintings you make, which you can take home to remind you of this unique landscape.

Watch the red rock of the West MacDonnell Ranges turn a deeper red as the sun sets, hear an orchestra of birds sing from the tops of the river red gum trees, tune in to the peace of this special place which is an important spiritual site for the local Arrente Aboriginal people.

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