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玛丽河荒野静居和旅行车营地 (Mary River Wilderness Retreat and Caravan Park)

Alice Springs Darwin Katherine Ulu r u Kings Canyon

玛丽河荒野静居和旅行车营地(Wilderness Retreat and Caravan Park )距离卡卡杜国家公园(Kakadu National Park)32 公里,位于玛丽河(Mary River)河岸上清幽静谧的丛林环境中。

游客可以充分欣赏到小河前方景色怡人的自然美景。 这里具有丰富多样的野生动物,尤其以沙袋鼠、鳄鱼和鸟居多。 玛丽河公园(Mary River Park)内的众多活动包括鳄鱼巡航、野生动物游猎、河岸丛林漫步、观鸟或日落、观星和晚餐巡航。

在小木屋、宿舍或露营地提供住宿,并在宽敞的餐厅和酒吧内提供美味餐饮。 如果您驾驶自己的四驱车前来过观光,敬请咨询玛丽和国家公园(Mary River National Park)四驱车车道的相关信息,从玛丽河荒野静居和旅行车公园可以轻松到达这些车道。

  • 团游项目

    4 Hour Fishing Charter

    After meeting at the reception area, you’ll have a short stroll to the boat, with you fishing guide, and cruise the Mary River in search of the mighty fish. Rods, tackle and lures are supplied.

    Bike and Hike Tour

    The path will take you along the river bank, past billabongs, through the native trees and plants. A map of the area is included when you hire your bike. View nature up close and at your own leisure. This tour is perfect for bird watching enthusiasts.

    Mary River Cruise

    This is an excellent way in which to view these impressive and powerful creatures.

    There is an early morning or mid morning tour to choose from.

    Nocturnal Night Walks

    Leaving from the reception area with your guide, you’ll set out to find some of the many nocturnal birds and animals that have made their home at the Mary River Park. Possible sightings include wallabies, Antilipine wallaroos, Rufus owls and Barking owls, tree frogs and cane toads, crocodiles, bats, snakes and more.

    If you forget your torch, don’t worry, as a torch is supplied on this tour. Please note that the actual tour duration is 1.5 hours.

    Sunset and Stars River Cruise

    You’ll arrive back in time to feast on a delicious two course meal from the a la carte menu at Geckos Bar and Restaurant.