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Litchfield National Park - Notraces Bushwalking Australia

Notraces is organising off-track bushwalking tours in Litchfield National Park.

Go where others do not go. Notraces tours run all year round. You can choose from a short 3 day walk and through to an extensive exploratory 9 day walk.

The 3 day tour allows those who have a short time to enjoy the landscapes and natural pools of Litchfield National Park in peace. It is also a great introduction for those who want to experience off-track bushwalking in Northern Australia. Go where others don't and discover little-known cultural sites and natural pools.

The 9 day tour tour will lead you to the less travelled parts of Litchfield National Park from the iconic Tjaynera Falls to Tableland falls. Explore an untouched world of creeks, swimming holes, cascades and gorges. Camp under the stars beside the waterfalls or in the savannah.

"Bush swimming" is rambling by swimming instead of walking, It is fun and it opens your mind to explore the country from a different perspective.

You will be provided with the right equipment to keep your pack dry. and along the way, you will have the chance to view Aboriginal art sites.