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1 Hour Quad Adventure

Start your Outback adventure by discovering the real Northern Territory, with friendly hosts, intrepid camels, bush tucker, and cosy accommodation.

Come and join us on an adventure you will never forget. Ride a quad (four wheeled motorbike) and see the Outback as few others have before. Never ridden a quad before? No problems - all riders are given a detailed safety briefing and riding instructions prior to departure. Take a journey through magnificent Desert Oaks, cruise over rolling red sand dunes, weave through thick Mulga scrub and golden fields of Spinifex, pausing occasionally to shoot wildlife (only with a camera!!!). Your adventure takes you through part of our property where you may get to see some our Santa Getrudis / Shorthorn cattle,as well camels, horses, and occasionally kangaroos or even the odd dingo. The birdlife is simply amazing, particularly in the early mornings. Learn a little about life on an outback station. Occasionally, pause to view the splendour of the George Gill Range. The colours at sunset are splendid – some have said it rivals Ayers Rock – just no crowds.