Explore the Northern Territory by bike
Explore the Northern Territory by bike
Explore Kakadu and the Top End by bike

Top End Kakadu Cycle Tour

The Top End fills people’s imagination with crocodiles, buffalo and barramundi and images of sweeping landscapes and flood plains.

It's a location that excites the senses from the moment you arrive but it is also a place of amazing history. Kakadu is an ancient land with an environment surviving largely untouched and a culture that has endured and maintained cultural connections to country passed down through generations.

It's this connection between both an ancient environment and a surviving and celebrated ancient culture that make this region truly worthy of dual World Heritage listing.

Over 5 days we’ll ‘hike and bike’ to some of the best locations in the region, enjoying two nights at our private semi-permanent campsite in Kakadu with a million-star view and the crackle of a campfire.

We’ll swim in remote rockpools, meet Indigenous guides who will share their connection to land then create some dust as we cycle down back roads and along some selected scenic roads.

This is an amazing round trip of over one thousand kilometres travelling a round circuit south from Darwin then east to Kakadu before circling back west from the southern reaches of Kakadu to Litchfield National Park before returning to Darwin.

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