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Midday in the Mall

Alice Springs Darwin Katherine Ulu r u Kings Canyon

New to Desert Song Festival, 'Midday in the Mall' will enrich the CBD, combining movement and music, bringing mindfulness and physicality into the present moment.

New to Desert Song Festival and a first for the CBD, 'Midday in the Mall' brings a unique combination of movement and music, designed to bring mindfulness and physicality together into the present moment.

Participants can expect a well-rounded class that will challenge your core, focus your breath, and sooth your senses with vibrational frequency healing.

The program incorporates a gentle contemporary Vinyasa meditation flow, guided by international instructor Sunshine Zerda together with live looping electric violin improvisations by international performing artist QVLN.

12pm to 2pm everyday, from Monday 10 September to Friday 14 September.