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Gayngaru Wetlands Interpretive Walk

Find out more about the fascinating world of an East Arnhem Land wetland on the Gayngaru Wetlands Interpretive Walk.

Secrete yourself away in a bird hide to watch the birds that visit the lagoon, or take the winter or tropical summer walks past informative signs.

The walk circumnavigates a lagoon that is frequented by over 200 species of birds. Along the path there are two viewing platforms and a bird hide.

Learn about the area's plant life. Signs along the way explain the bush food and bush medicine used by local Aboriginal people. Gayngaru was once a popular and fertile hunting area for the Yolngu people. Today you will see middens consisting of fragments of shellfish, molluscs and oyster shells at favourite camping sites. The tranquil lagoon was a source of fresh water and food. The men hunted the gurrumatji (magpie geese) and as well as minhala (long-necked freshwater tortoise). The women collected waterlilies and water chestnuts.

Pick up an interpretative booklet from the Visitor Information Centre. The length of the walk varies depending on the season and the lagoon's water levels, but there is plenty to see at any time of the year.


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