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Anindilyakwa Arts, Groote Eylandt

Anindilyakwa Arts was established in 2005 by the Anindilyakwa Land Council to support local artists promote and sell their artwork.

Anindilyakwa Arts is now a thriving hub of creativity - currently representing the work of over 100 Anindilyakwa artists.

The art centre operates across Angurugu, Umbakumba & Milyakburra communities as well as supporting artists who live on homeland outstations across the archipelago.

The Art Centre's gallery is gallery is located at the Groote Eylandt Lodge (Dugong Beach Resort). Groote Eylandt archipelago is a small collection of islands south-west of Nhulunbuy township and is aboriginal reserve land represented managed by the Anindilyakwa Land Council.

Items available through Anindilyakwa Art include naturally hand dyed textiles, paintings (ochres and acrylics on canvas, bark and shells), weavings, hand crafted jewellery, ceremonial and traditional wood works and carvings (spears, woomeras, coolamons, clap sticks, miniature canoes, didgeridoos, boomerangs and carved animals).


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