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Mountain biking & cycling around Alice Springs

Outback cycling Alice Springs. Register here

Alice Springs and the Red Centre give those who love to tackle the terrain on two wheels a massive playground of open hills and sublime single-track to choose from.

With an expanding network of trails in all directions, you can hire a mountain bike (or bring your own), take a more gentle route exploring the historic sites on a bicycle or gear up for a world-class biking event by registering for Outback Cycling Easter

Outback Cycling, located at the Telegraph Station and in the Todd Mall, offer sound local advice to get you started on your mountain biking or cycling adventure. If you look at what the locals are riding – those in the know ride bikes with tubeless tyres with lots of sealant. A mid-level tread tyre with good sidewall protection gives you a good balance of easy rolling, traction and protection from the rocks. A modern and full-suspension cross country/trail bike is perfect for these trails. Remember when riding in the Red Centre, carry more water than you normally would.

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Alice Springs trails

Alice Springs is one of very few towns in Australia where you can literally ride from your  hotel room and hit the trails within minutes. In addition to that, the town is super flat and has great cycle paths to get around making it a low footprint, less hassle and cost effective holiday!

To the east of the Telegraph Station you will find a group of trails (eastside trails) suitable for the intermediate rider to the advanced. The trails reward those who spend the time to discover all of its treasures. These trails have some of the most technical structures in the area to drop, roll or jump off.

The westside trails are stripped back to be nothing but pure mountain bike trails. They host a more diverse trail experience with some of the top technical trails rivalling the best the Red Centre has to offer. For more information download the latest Alice Springs Mountain biking map or check in with some of the locals when you arrive. 


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Alice Springs MTB trails

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