Embark on the arduous five-day Jatbula Trail in Nitmiluk National Park for off-the-beaten-track scenery, waterfalls and Jawoyn Aboriginal rock art.

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The 62 kilometre Jatbula Trail features stunning scenery, cooling waterholes and waterfalls and amazing Jawoyn Aboriginal rock art. The trail is a four to five day walk and can only be walked in one direction, from Nitmiluk Gorge (Nitmiluk Visitor Centre) to Leliyn / Edith Falls. The Jatbula Trail is a long and potentially difficult walk, however, adequate preparation will ensure a safe and pleasant trip. Departures are capped at 15 walkers departing per day.

The Trail starts on the eastern side of 17 mile creek not far from the Visitor Centre, you will need to book a ferry transfer to cross the Katherine River, this is done with Nitmiluk Tours at the Visitor Centre.

Walkers must register and receive their permits at the Visitor Centre before departing on the walk. You will also need to make their own arrangements for transport after arriving at Leliyn / Edith Falls. Transfers can be booked with the following companies:

Gecko Canoeing and Trekking Phone: (08) 8972 2224 gecko@nttours.com

Travel North Phone: (08) 8971 9999 transport@travelnorth.com.au

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