Pay your respects at the big Boab tree, significant for the local Ngarinman Aboriginal people and Augustus Gregory's 1885 North Australian expedition.

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Located in Judbarra/Gregory National Park, Gregory's Tree is a Boab tree on the banks of the Victoria River 15km north-west of Timber Creek. It is a sacred site to the Ngarinman people and is named after explorer Augustus Gregory and his party, who camped near it in 1855. Enjoy views of the Victoria River while reading accounts of the early explorers. A boardwalk surrounds the magnificent Boab where Baines, the expedition artist, marked the arrival and departure dates of Gregory's North Australia Expedition from the base camp here. You can still read clearly the dates he inscribed into the tree trunk. The tree was to serve as a marker should the expedition run into trouble.

Gregory's Tree is situated off the Victoria Highway, 9 kilometres west of Big Horse Creek Campground. Access is via a 3-kilometre unsealed 2WD road that may have some corrugations. The walk to the tree is 500 metres, is easy and accessible to wheelchairs.

Gregory National Park covers an area of about 13,000 square kilometres in the transition zone between tropical and semi-arid regions of the NT. It features spectacular gorge scenery, rare wildlife species, and significant traces of Aboriginal culture, European exploration and pastoral history.

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