Pause for a break on the arduous Jatbula Trail at the mass of rock pools, rapids and small cascades that fall away into the spectacular Crystal Falls.

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The Crystal Falls area features a mass of rock pools, rapids and small cascades that fall away into a spectacular and large waterfall. The area can only be reached by trekking the iconic Jatbula Trail. Located within Nitmiluk National Park (Katherine Gorge), this 58 kilometre trail takes between four to five days to complete and is a one way walk from Katherine Gorge (Nitmiluk) to Leliyn / Edith Falls.

Eighteen and half kilometres along the Jatbula Trail, Crystal Falls is a very relaxing area with a large river that feeds the rock pools, cascades and waterfall. The camp site is on rocky ground above the 30 metre high falls. There is a barbecue and a nearby lookout over the waterfall that is a lovely place to watch the sunset. Located on the southern side of the Crystal Falls is an Emergency Call Device (ECD).

Walkers must register at the Nitmiluk Visitor Centre and report your arrival to the kiosk at Leliyn / Edith Falls. A refundable AUD50.00 deposit is required when you register and will be returned when you arrive at Leliyn / Edith Falls. A camping fee of AUD3.30 per person per night will be collected when you register.

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