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Discover the iconic Karlu Karlu Devils Marbles, believed by the Warmungu Aboriginal people to be the fossilised eggs of the Rainbow Serpent.

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The Devils Marbles are a collection of massive granite boulders strewn across a valley south of Tennant Creek. Standing at up to 6 metres high and formed over millions of years, they continue to crack and change.

Ancient mythology

Find out about the ancient Aboriginal mythology surrounding this geological marvel on a short self-guided walk around the reserve.

Read the excellent interpretive signage that shares the Dreaming story of the marbles, or 'Karlu Karlu' to the local Warmungu Aboriginal people, who believe they are the fossilised eggs of the Rainbow Serpent.

Sunrise and sunset specials

Camp at the reserve overnight for the memorable scene of the marbles glowing red and changing colour in the early morning light and setting sun. Bring your camera to capture the drama of this awesome ancient landscape.

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