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Push off from the river bank, fasten your lifejacket, and get your paddles going for an unforgettable journey through stunning landscapes.

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On the river

Whether you're looking for an easy day trip or overnighter, you can't beat hitting the river for an up-close view of the region. Take your pick: the Daly and Flora Rivers are ideal for water adventures, the renowned Katherine Gorge boasts dramatic cliffs that plunge down to the Katherine River, and the Roper River offers a meander through picturesque Elsey National Park.

Wildlife and landscape

Experience both the quietude of river life and the noise of its natural inhabitants. Greet the incredible array of wildlife as you glide along Katherine River. Spot eagles and black cockatoos perching in the tree canopy, and wallabies and water monitors along the river banks. Move through a diverse and stunning natural world, from lush pandanus to paperbark forests. Travel over crystal-clear rapids that are exciting yet easy to navigate. Stop off at lagoons and thermal springs for a dip, and be awed by extraordinary waterfalls and dramatic rock formations.

Go with a guide

For those wanting to experience the wonders of a river landscape without the stress of bringing their own equipment, a guided tour through Katherine Gorge is a great option. Enjoy meals and a glass of wine on sandy banks near stunning cascades, and let experienced guides set you up comfortably for sleeping under the stars.

Watch the season

Remember rivers rise during the wet season. Canoeing and kayaking are safest between May and November.

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