Natural, therapeutic affordable skincare range designed to meet a range of needs.

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Lather up with lovely locally made skincare and soaps. It's hands-on here: upon arrival you'll be invited to wash your hands - don't take offence - it's to sample the soaps! You'll see the curing room, too, where the soaps cure for four weeks. On the door, check out the list of release dates for the new soaps, all of which have fabulously fun names. Local soap stars include Naked Nanny Goats Milk Soap, Pinxie Minxie Fu Fu, Boagan Soap (made with Boags beer), and Saint Florian (patron saint of soapmakers, beermakers and firemen). Just as there's a saint for every trade, there's soap here for every mood, from Dark Romance to Happy Happy Joy Joy.

The skincare range is natural (free from preservatives and artificial fragrances), affordable and designed to meet a range of needs, both therapeutic and luxurious: the range includes 'Eczema Soother' and 'Joint & Muscle Pain Massage Oil' as well as floral waters, moisturisers, lip balms and eye gels. Everything, right down to the labels is handmade, at nearby Stuart Park.

Opening times:
9am to 4pm
Entry cost:
Free entry
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