The warm, tropical climate of Darwin and surrounding areas is characterised by the 'Wet' and the 'Dry'. But all year round there is something to do.

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Darwin Ski Club, Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia

The warm, tropical climate of Darwin and its surrounding area is characterised by two distinct seasons with tell-tale titles: the 'Wet' and the 'Dry'.

The Wet season, spanning from November until April, is characterised by high levels of humidity followed by monsoonal rains and storms. Temperatures typically range from a minimum of 25C (77F) to a maximum of 33C (91F), and humidity levels can reach in excess of 80%. The period leading up to monsoonal rains is known as the 'build up': humidity levels skyrocket and amazing electrical storms promise, but don't deliver, rain. The heavy rains that follow come as welcome relief, and while water can restrict travel to some areas, the Wet season is a stunning time of year to see the Top End. Waterfalls tumble, skies host incredible light shows, and the landscape turns a lush green.

The 'Dry' season, from May until October, is characterised by warm, dry sunny days and cool nights. Temperatures typically range from 21C (70F) to 32C (90F), and the humidity levels are much lower: around 60–65%. Darwin really comes alive at this time of year: the Dry season heralds an outdoor-event extravaganza, with beachside markets, outdoor cinemas, festivals and concerts events all throwing wide their open-air doors. With so much going on, it’s a fun time to visit, as well as the perfect time to explore the more remote areas of the region that can be off-limits during the Wet.